The insides of the PIFI are baked in Britain and can now be finished in the comfort of your own home. It was originally meant to be a product to be assembled and sold by Audio Arkitekts, however, it's so easy to assemble, why not cut out the middle man altogether. Below I am going to link each component I used to assemble the PIFI as well as the software I used to create a Roon Ready endpoint. I will also be filming a new video soon showing you step by step how to build it from scratch. 

Here are the parts you'll need:

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB:

HiFiBerry Dac2Pro:

White Steel Metal Case:

iFi iPower Low Noise DC 5v Power Supply:

Brass Spacer/Standoffs (In case you don't want to use the cheap plastic ones):

SanDisk Memory Card:

RCA Cables:


The Software to load on your SanDisk Card to make it into a Roon Ready End Point can be found here:

build video coming soon


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